Types of Shipping Containers Used for Building Homes: Explained

There are many types of shipping containers but there are particular ones that work best for container home designs. Knowing the types of the containers available, their original intended use, and their pros and cons for home design is summed up in the chart below:

The Standard General Dry Storage Container

Standard or General Dry Storage Containers have a floor, 4 walls, and a roof. It is watertight. They are designed to be stacked up to 9 containers high. The floor is reinforced with metal and usually has 4’-0” x 8’-0” x 1-1/4” thick hardwood panels as the finished floor. There are metal spacers in-between the sheets of plywood. The “rear” of the container is considered to be the end with the doors.

“High Top” storage containers are standard containers but they are most ideal for home design. These have an additional 12” height. This is especially helpful because it offers space for insulation while still leaving a comfortable clear height for head room.

The High Top Container

Containers are made according to standard sizes set by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). This way, they can be stacked efficiently and reduce the risk of toppling over during transit.

High top containers are similar to the 40ft standard containers in length and breadth but have a height difference of exactly 1 foot. That gives the high tops an additional ~344 cubic feet of storage capacity.

But given the extra height, it’s important to take note of this: High top containers are often considered over-heightened for inland transportation. Especially when they’re going under tunnels, bridges, and so on.

Let’s have a look at the high top container’s dimensions compared to a standard 40ft container:

High-Top vs Standard Shipping Containers – What’s The Difference?

Where To Find High Top Containers

It’s not always easy to find the containers you need in the right location and at the right price. Especially the one that completes the vision of your perfect container home.

Imagine the endless hours you will spend scrolling through lists of containers for sale. Then think about going through a long process of vetting the container before signing off on the purchase. Aside from checking the quality and structural integrity of the container, you need to beware of potentially hazardous items it might have transported.

Save yourself the trouble of looking for the right container for your home. MODHAUZ works with certified global partners with access to hundreds of superior quality containers. We want to build you a comfortable and sturdy home to last more than a lifetime so only top-shelf containers will do.

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