Buy a Mod

Looking to go off grid? Looking for a plug and play granny flat for a loved one? Choose the size you need, from our 3 core design themes, then choose your add-ons, and we will have your beautiful little living space built and delivered in a jiffy. Pay a deposit to get started, then pay standard construction progress payments as your house is built in our Gold Coast yard. Need council approvals? No problem, we can organise all approvals for you.

BNB Joint Venture

Choose your Mod, pay 50%, then have other peoples money work for you, as Mod Hauz and you split the BNB revenue over a pre-negotiated time-frame, until Mod Hauz is paid in full, plus a small fee” Tooltip… “Mod Hauz will add a 15% fee to the total price to allow for the additional risk and the payback period. You get your Mod delivered for just 50% of the total price, then have your AirBNB tenants pay the rest.

From planning to delivery

You can organise delivery yourself, or we can organise delivery for you. Some of the variables for calculating the delivery cost are your location, access to your area, and the closest distance that the crane can get to the house pad.

We will come to the site with the crane truck company on the day of installation to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Development Application (DA) Lodgement

The council approval process can be complex and frustrating for homeowners. Each state and council has its own criteria, documents and processes. We’ll do the leg work for you.

We prepare the plans for your Development Application (DA), engage a building certifier, then prepare and submit your DA to Council.