QLD owner-builder permits, materials take-off lists (bill of materials) & post-construction occupancy certificate (form 21)

  1. The Mod Hauz admin team will work with the myriad of professionals involved in securing the building permit in QLD: From engineers, to architects & certifiers. Note the fees include all Mod Hauz team time, with fees & payments to all external professionals to be made directly by you as the owner builder. Total price including GST is $4,980, with a 50% deposit required to commence the process, and 50% balance required as architectural & engineering plans are submitted to the certifier
  2. Take-off List: After or during the completion of the final architectural plans, the design team will host a an extensive video-call with you to finalise materials, from internal wall selections (gyprock vs Easycraft VJ board for example), timbre vs steel etc etc. The Mod Hauz design team will load the final CAD plans into our estimating software & provide you with a detailed materials list for your project. For $2,990 (incl. gst) with a 50% deposit payable, add this to your design. The 50% balance is payable as the take-off list is emailed.
  3. Securing Form 21 – There are a myriad of forms required to secure your occupancy certificate (form 21). The Mod Hauz team will utilise their extensive experience to complete this process for you, providing you with every document needed to be signed, all digitally sent to you during and after completion of the project. The team will work with directly with your certifier throughout the entire process. For just $2,990 (incl. gst) with a 50% deposit payable to be added to your existing owner builder add-ons.  ** Important note that this payment is payable upon as the final forms are submitted to the certifier, and not upon securing form 21, as this will only be issued by the certifier once defects are rectified, which is beyond the control of Mod Hauz, as Mod Hauz is not the builder.