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How to Order Your Mod

How to Order Your Mod

Pick a style and size

Choose among 3 styles and 8 sizes.

Choose add-ons

Want air conditioning? Free-standing gas oven? Wall-mounted washing machine or integrated dishwasher?

Want to go off-grid?

If you want to transform your Mod into an off-grid home and add-on solar and/or a composting or incinerating toilet — this is the time we’ll install them.

Site visit or virtual tour

Let’s decide if a site visit at the location of your Mod is necessary. Virtual tour is also an option.

Sign agreement

Time to secure the deal! Make a 50% deposit so we can start building your Mod.

*If council approvals are required, the process will pause until Council gives approval. We work with licensed builders to make this happen for you. Additional fees and site preparation costs naturally apply.

Mod construction

Mod lock-up

Doors and windows are in! We’ll send photos of our progress or you can visit our office to check on your future home. An additional 25% of the total fees is payable at this stage.

Wrap up

When we reach the lock-up stage, the Mod Hauz team will wrap up the kitchen, bathroom and cladding.

Ready for delivery

You can organise delivery yourself, or we can organise delivery for you. Some of the variables for calculating the delivery cost are your location, access to your area, and the closest distance that the crane can get to the house pad.

Get an instant quote

Council Approval

Council Approval

Included in every Mod purchase

Most of the process for each council in the same state is similar. We have compiled some of the guides to give you an idea of how it works.

It’s also handy to know the list of councils that allow installation of composting toilets. The majority of the rules are that we must get a copy of the current certificate of conformity from the manufacturer and attach it to their permit application to the council. Council assessors who receive on-site wastewater system applications should ensure the certificate is valid.