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Granny Flats

4 Key Features of Our Designs

Boutique Builder

We take on no more than 20 projects per year, giving you the time and attention you need to create a seamless experience.


Born out of the dual goals to help Australians become mortgage-free and to escape to the hinterland during the lockdowns, Mod Hauz is passionate about reinventing how we live.

Pre-Designed plans to choose from

With many designs ready to choose from, we have removed a lot of the upfront heavy-lifting, reducing your research & decision time.

Fixed Price – No Surprises

All plans offer a fixed price, influenced by factors like location, power proximity, distance from the Gold Coast, septic considerations, and landscaping.

Designs & Floor Plan Options

6 unique floor plans to choose from, ranging from 25sqm to 72sqm, designed for BNB, to long term living, to guest houses.
*Any decks included in below floor plans are not included in the “from” price.

The Koolang

3 bedroom granny flat




58sqm 2 bedroom 1 bathroom




45sqm 2 bedroom 1 bathroom



Mooloolah Valley

40sqm 1 bedroom 1 bathroom



The Summerland

Dual Occupancy tiny homes




25sqm 1 bedroom 1 bathroom



Styling Options

General styling options and considerations include:

  • 1

    External cladding

  • 2
    External & internal paint colours
  • 3
    Kitchen style
  • 4
    Bathroom style
  • 5
With 3 existing general styling options to choose from, we have simplified the process for those wanting an existing solution and not seeking customisations.