Our first rustic design, taking inspiration from the Byron hinterlands

Available in 7, 9 and 12 metre lengths

A rustic tiny home

Our first rustic design, taking inspiration from the Byron hinterlands. With options of rooftop deck and spiral staircase, this Mod is truly Instagrammable — a visual delight. Dark timbres, combined with feature lights, and a bedroom feature wall.

  • External Weathertex© cladding weathergroove
  • Stunning monument-black exterior paint
  • External wall-mounted power for all 3 power options: solar, mains & generator
  • Stratco 3-degree roof with gutter and flashing
  • Downpipe
  • Boxed windows with flashing
  • Black aluminum door and windows
  • Gloss-white ​Kaboodle kitchen with base cabinets and wall cabinets as per floor plans
  • Full-length wall hung cabinets
  • Slimline rangehood
  • Ceramic sink
  • Multiple double power points
  • Corner storage shelves

12-metre Mod

  • Antique white style and colour
  • Gas or cooktop – four-burner
  • Timbre benchtop
  • Vanity
  • Mirror with storage
  • Rain shower with black shower tray
  • LED light
  • Exhaust fan
  • Tempered glass
  • Frosted window
  • Gas hot water system
  • Standard toilet
Optional Upgrades

12-metre Mod

  • 2.6kw split system air con (Living room)
  • 3.5kw split system air con (Living room)
  • 2.6kw split system air con (Bedroom)
  • 3.5kw split system in living room & 2.6kw (Bedroom)
  • 2.6kw split system in living room & 2.6kw (Bedroom)

What is a composting toilet?

  • Greywater tank & grease trap installed
  • Split System Composting toilet_90 litre
  • Split System Composting toilet_120 litre
  • Self contained composting toilet
  • 2.5m x 2.5m entry deck with stairs
  • 2.5m x 5m large entry deck with stairs
  • 12m x 2.5m wrap-around deck with stairs

12-metre Mod

  • 9kw Victron Solar System
    9.6KW lithium system comprised of 8x100AH Powertech batteries, installed within the wall-hung cabinets​
    1750W solar array – 5 x 350W solar panels mounted on 100mm aluminium rails
    5000W inverter
    Charge controller – 50am​p​
Floor Plans

7m x 2.8m

7m x 3.3m

9m x 2.8m

9m x 3.3m

12m x 2.8m

12m x 3.3m

12.8m x 4.5m

13m x 3.3m

17m x 4.5m

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This will depend on the size of your Mod, and if you are seeking council approval. The approval stage generally takes 6-10 weeks depending upon your council, and the construction phase is likely up to 10 to 16 weeks depending upon the size of your Mod.

You certainly can. We can build up to 4.5m wide and 12m long. Keep in mind that due to unpredictable future labor and materials cost, we can customize a Mod on a cost-plus basis. Schedule a design consultation and we can take it from there.

For container homes in which you are not seeking council approval and are simply buying the product to be shipped to your land, payments are split into 5 equal 20% stages through the build. (1) Deposit (2) Construction Commencement (3) Lock-Up (4) Fixing (5) Completion.

For timbre & steel-frame designs & generally for all homes going through council approval, we are generally governed by the Queensland Building code, with a 5% deposit followed by various stage payments such as (1) Commencement of the approval process (2) Construction Commencement (3) Base completion (4) Frame Completion (5) Lock-Up (6) Fixing (7) Practical Completion.

Mod Hauz was created with the purpose of building stunning modular living spaces that are easily transportable and completed in 8-10 weeks, with in-house payment plans. No more dealing with grumpy builders or bankers.

Our display addresses change as internal and client projects near completion. To view current available displays, simply go to the display calendar and select the option that suits you.

You certainly can. If you would like the Mod Hauz team to install items such as dishwashers, washing machines, ovens — simply let us know and we will ensure they are delivered on-site at the right time.
Great question! We are always on the lookout for land for our clients. There are some great low-cost options on Russel Island & Macleay Island (QLD) and 1-4 hours west of the coast anywhere along the East Coast. There are also very affordable plots of land in South Australia and Tasmania. Get in touch with us, we’ll provide some great insights.
We have a simple cost plus 20% pricing model for the truck & crane hire, and then $100/hr/person for the teams’ time on the day to set-up & travel to your site and to then land the house on the footings & tie it down.
Shipping Containers are all pre-set sizes; whether 6m x 2.4m or 12m x 2.4 (externally). For all other designs and sizes, click here to check them out.
Thanks for showing us through your amazing creation today, we really loved the space! You’ve been (& continue to be) an absolute pleasure to work with!
– Thom and Kirra