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Choosing a living space has never been easier. Choose from our wide range of granny flats & forever small home designs from 25sqm to 122sqm

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Bring your plans to life with Mod Hauz Custom architectural plans, renders, 3D walk-through, windows and doors schedule, complete materials lists & more

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End-to-end solutions for QLD owner builders, from plan creation, securing your building permit, to materials take-off lists & securing your occupancy certificate & even supplying you with the kit home!

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All Mod Hauz Mods are also available for owner builders as Kits. Alternatively, work with our design team to design your dream home, and they will provide for a quote for s custom kit.

Your Questions Answered

Once plans have been finalised and deposits paid, securing permits generally takes 6-10 weeks, depending upon any issues that may arise relating to plumbing plans, the location of easements etc

The prices quoted on the model pages are turn-key & based on the assumption that the house is built as a granny flat on an existing block. For the larger models such as the Highland, The Worongary and The Koolang, which may be built as the primary place of residence on rural blocks or on the Bay Islands (Russell & Macleay), at which point, site costs such as garages, septic, driveways, fencing etc may need to be added.

Yes, we absolutely can. In fact, all of the models you see on our website were born from custom projects created for Mod Hauz clients. The process for custom projects is split into 2 stages: (1) The creation of plans; and (2) Quotation / Pricing. Small fees apply to step 1, which are then credited back to you should you proceed with Mod Hauz building the house for you.

Build times vary depending upon the model and the number of concurrent projects, but generally speaking, you can expect construction times to be 8 weeks for our smaller (under 50sqm) range and up to 12 weeks for the large range

Granny flats can be up to 80sqm in QLD. The majority of our house plans are under 80sqm, and you will see that a lot of functionality can fit into a house under 80sqm, including up to 3 bedrooms.

Generally speaking, the combined footprint of your house and granny flat can not exceed 50% of your total land.

In QLD, on standard residential blocks, the granny flat needs to be within 10m of the existing house. For rural properties, the rule extends to 20m.

We generally only seek a small deposit of $5,000 to initiate the contract, followed by the permit stage payment soon after.

Yes, we sure do. Something to keep in mind when it comes to banks funding granny flats, they generally require a completed permit in order to approve the loan. Meaning, you will likely need to fund the permit stage with cash prior to then securing finance approval.

We absolutely do. After completing the owner builders course, you will be assigned a licence linked directly to your block of land. In QLD you can be an owner builder once every 6 years. Being an owner builder in QLD means that you become the licensed builder for the construction of your house. In this situation, Mod Hauz can simply provide the physical house, or the kit (coming soon). Talk to the sales team about pricing for house only packages. Note that we also provide owner builder consulting, meaning that we work with architects, engineers, certifiers, plumbing planners etc, on your behalf, from concept to permit, for just $4950.

Unless requested, we will use steel frames. They are lighter, faster to install, and naturally resistant to the elements

While we can build any style (ie custom) we have created 3 distinctive styles: The Scandi, The Farmhouse and The Industrial. We will also be rolling out 2 new styles as 2024 progresses. Keep an eye out both on the website and our social channels as we detail the inclusions in the above 3 styles.

Yes we absolutely can and have done so on over a dozen occasions for clients. While costs do vary based on height and overall size, decks generally cost $750 per square metre. Balustrades and railings must be installed on any deck more than one metre from ground level, so if this occurs on your project, additional costs will be involved.

On October 1, 2023, new Liveable housing rules were rolled out, mainly impacting accessibility to both the house itself, and to the bathroom. On May 1, 2024, the new energy efficiency rules were be rolled out. Click here to read the Master Builders document relating to both items.